English to Ukranian Translation

Population: 41 million people speak Ukranian as their mother tongue.

Search engines: http://www.atlasua.net/http://www.ay.com.ua/http://www.brama.com/ukr.html

Character Encodings:

Language Code: uk

Charset: ISO-8859-5

Geographical Location: Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia, Russia, Belarus, Canada.

Literacy Rate: 99.7% (In Ukraine).

Dialects: The dialects of Ukrainian are mostly caused by influences from other languages spoken in the area. For instance, Surzhyk is a mix of Ukrainian and Russian that is spoken in the rural regions of Eastern, and Southern Ukraine. Influences from Polish, Czech, Slovak Spanish and English have also formed other varieties of Ukrainian.

Currency: hryvnia (UAH).

Language Tips: Ukrainian is written using the Cyrillic alphabet, which consists of 32 characters. There are 6 vowels (a,e,i,o,u,y) and one semi vowel (j). Ukrainian is a very logical language that uses endings on the words to distinguish the placements of subjects, direct and indirect objects, locations, etc within a sentence. The word order in Ukrainian is not fixed, thus leading many new speakers to be confused as to who is doing what!! Ukrainian has a very predictable pronunciation pattern; once you know the sounds of the letters, they stay the same. Ukrainian borrows extensively from Polish. Russian-speakers use the Arabic numbering system and use decimals and commas opposite to the English version. For instance ten thousand, nine hundred twenty three point four would be written 10.923,4.

On a typical business card: We would recommend having the person’s name and company name written using the Cyrillic Alphabet and the English script where space can accommodate it. Where a choice must be made, the Cyrillic alphabet is easier for speakers to read in Europe and Asia, however, the English address is necessary if they are sending mail outside of the country. Also use the English address for speakers outside of Europe and Asia.

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