Translating marketing materials poses unique issues that should be thought about prior to contracting a translator or agency.

Translation vs Localization

A lot of confusion results from the (mis) use of the term localization, particularly with regard to marketing materials. The key difference between translation and localization is:

"Translation involves transposing words, ideas and concepts between languages, Localization involves transposing image and brand between cultures"

This means that if you have a marketing brochure and have it translated, it will be returned to you in the same design (or almost the same, allowing for differences in character length etc.). If you had the same brochure localized, depending on language/culture, it may come back to you as a completely redesigned brochure; new colours, images, layout and content. This is because localization is the process of taking your concept/idea/brand and placing it within an appropriate cultural context. Localization can be taken to various degrees; working within an existing design or completely rebuilding the marketing collateral from the ground up for the target market.

Client comments

We have been very impressed with the speed, accuracy and high level of service we have recevied from the first enquiry with A2Z Translations. Their sound advice has been unbiased and helpful, their professional approach has been outstanding, and Mark and his staff have always gone the extra mile for us. We would highly recommend their services. Juliet Clenshaw, Marketing Manager, NZ King Salmon.

Marketing materials localization

We localize marketing materials using an extensive network of on the ground researchers in the target country/culture. Localization can involve some or all of the following, dependant on the medium, target market and product/service to be promoted.

- Competition analysis

Gathering information on competitors, their marketing materials (web, print), packaging etc.

- Keyword research

For website localization, researching what keywords relate to your product/service in the target language.

- Localized brand charter

Establish a brand charter for the target market to maintain consistency of identity.

- Produce localized marketing materials

After consultation we then develop the localized marketing materials.