English to Romanian Translation

Population: Of the approximately 22.5 million Romanians living in the country in 2005, 4.5 million had access to the Internet.

Search engines: http://www.roportal.rohttp://www.rol.rohttp://www.romaniaglobal.com/links.php,http://catalogweb.portal.rohttp://www.query.rohttp://www.oradea.net/weblinks.phphttp://www.linkuri.ro,http://www.home.rohttp://www.google.ro/intl/rohttp://www.gofind.rohttp://www.afla.rohttp://www.adresa.ro,http://www.acasa.ro

Character Encodings:

Language Code: ro

Charset: iso-8859-16

Geographical Location: Romanian is the official language of Romania, and enjoys official status in Moldova and the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina (Serbia). It’s also spoken in Canada, USA, Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Serbia, Hungary, and the Balkans.

Literacy Rate: 97.3%

Dialects: The languages spoken south of the Danube: Aromanian/Macedo-Romanian, Megleno-Romanian and Istro-Romanian, are sometimes classified as dialects of Romanian.

Currency: The Romanian leu (ROL) is divided into 100 bani.

Language Tips: Romanian is the only Romance language where the definite article (the) is attached to the end of the noun, instead of in front as in English. Adjectives normally appear after nouns, except in certain cases including when the adjective is being emphasised. Unlike in English, words representing numbers are considered to form a distinct part of speech. For example, the word for two is doi. Double is îndoit, both is amândoi and half is doime, Romanian has a lot of similarities with the Italian language. A comma is used to mark a decimal point.

On a typical business card: Your translated business card should include any advanced degrees you have. As Romanians are impressed by stability, if your company has been in business for over fifty years it is a good idea to include its founding date. Names should be given in full as Romanians don’t use initials. Although family names are given first in Romanian, English names should not be reversed.

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