1 .Keyword Research and competitor analysis

a.Establish target keywords in master language (English)

b.Develop list of keywords in target language (e.g. Japanese)

c.Research keyword usage on target language search engines 

d.Rank keywords according to popularity and relevance

e. Review competition for those keywords

We ask you to give us some words and phrases that you think are relevant to your service/product. We may expand on these if we think there is a demonstrable demand. We then analyse via PPC providers, search engines and directories the most popular of these keywords in the target languages and the competitors.

2. Search Engine Optimization

a.Incorporate keywords from 1 (above) at specified rate in body text

b.Develop optimized meta statements

c.Optimize alt tags and link titles

Optimization has several components, some visible to the end user, some not visible. Visible aspects include keyword/key phrase density in the actual textual content of the website, page titles and use of a variety of header tags to emphasize blocks of text. Hidden components include meta-statement construction, alt tag construction etc.

4.Foreign language search engine and directory submission

a.Establish directory submission categories, title and description texts, keywords

b.Conduct physical submissions

c.Monitor to establish indexing date

d.Inbound links established in target language

Our SEO packages target both the major and the minor directories and search engines. Indexing times vary from engine to engine. Note that the big 3 (Google, Yahoo, MSN) have only limited penetration in some markets.

5. Foreign language PPC loading

a.Establish target PPC engines, cost per clicks and budgets

b.Load ads, CPC and budgets to target engines

c.Monitor to confirm acceptance of ads or revise as necessary

PPC marketing can be a very effective mechanism. It is important that the ads are targetted specifically to the language group in question and that the ads are monitored on frequently for click through rates and competitor moves on pricing.


a.Query search engine at specified interval

b.Build report for client outlining current position

c.Adjust or tweak Site content to maintain and improve rankings

So you can track where your website is under your targeted keyword/key phrase we can prepare customized reports outlining your website�s position. Over time your position will decay, due to new sites coming on to the engine and changes in the way the search engines index and rank web sites. We recommend a minimum of quarterly reports, as this enables us to continue monitoring and fine-tuning the optimization, re-submitting as necessary to help maintain position.