Managing multilingual content on and offline

Multilingual marketing presumes that you are an organization with global marketing needs, marketing across regions, cultures and languages. The potential that the internet brings to marketing means that you can effectively communicate with anyone, but in order for this to happen with actual and potential customers, you need to communicate in the first or native language of your clients. 

We know the issues that arise when developing and deploying multilingual marketing solutions. Each content management system we build, while operating from the same base 'kernel' of code, is customized to the client's individual needs and specifications. On the web we have found there is no 'one size fits all'!

Our system solves the following issues

Mininimising translation and uploading costs.

Many legacy websites and content management systems inflate the cost of maintaining a multilingual website because they require the translators to work within source code and/or they require a webmaster to phsyically upload the completed translations. Our system permits the translators to work within the website with NO html knowledge required; cut out the difficulties of working in code and the time and expense of a webmaster to upload translated content.

Maintaining consistency.

When working across multiple languages and media it is a coordination challenge to ensure that all media remain consistent with one another, and updates are applied universally and in a timely fashion. Our system allows multiple media releases to be linked, so that when one media format (e.g. website) is updated/altered the administrator is alerted where same/similar content is to be found (e.g. brochure) and in what languages.

Minimise time to publish.

Web programmer workloads restricts loading of new content, impacting on time to market (speed of updating website content)

Our multilingual CMS removes the need for the webmaster; the content developer/writer/translator is the webmaster. As soon as the content is written/translated it can be live.

SEO compatible.

Web marketing usually requires some level of SEO or online promotion work. This can be performed in-house or contracted out.

Our CMS produces a fully optimizable website, including manually editable meta statements, real word URLs, sitemaps etc. in each language

Interested in how a multilingual content management system works? Take the tour of the multilingual content managment system schematics here.