English to Lithuanian Translation

Population: Of the approximately 2.25 million Latvians living in 2005, 810,000 had access to the Internet.

Search engines: http://www.on.lt/index.html.lthttp://www.google.lthttp://www.search.lt/default.asp?lang=L,http://www.surask.lthttp://www.delfi.lt/directory/index.php

Character Encodings:

Language Code: lt

Charset: iso-8859-4

Geographical Location: Lithuanian has about 4 million speakers in Lithuania and surrounding countries.

Literacy Rate: 99.6%

Dialects: The Lithuanian language has two main dialects: Aukštaitian (Highland Lithuanian) and Samogitian (Lowland Lithuanian). Standard Lithuanian is based on Western Aukštaitian.

Currency: Lithuania uses the lita (LTL) divided into 100 centai.

Language Tips: In Lithuanian, the relationships between parts of speech and their roles in a sentence are expressed by numerous flexions. Although there are masculine and feminine genders in Lithuanian, there is no neutral gender for nouns as in many languages. However, adjectives have three genders. Neutral adjectives are used to describe a feature detached from a clear thing or concept. Lithuanian is the only Indo-European language to use what is known as the iterative tense, this translates as "used to" in English. English is starting to have increasingly stronger influence over Lithuanian and many English words have recently flooded the language.

On a typical business card: Your business card should be translated into Lithuanian, although the spelling of US addresses needn’t be translated. Titles are regarded as extremely important in Lithuania and are regularly used. Your business card should include any professional and academic titles you use.

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