English to Latvian Translation

Population: Of the approximately 2.25 million Latvians living in 2005, 810,000 had access to the Internet.

Search engines: http://www.delfi.lv/directoryhttp://www.google.lv/intl/lvhttp://www.siets.lv/siets.php,http://web.top.lv

Character Encodings:

Language Code: lv

Charset: iso-8859-4

Geographical Location: Latvian is the official language of Latvia and is also spoken in Abrene (Russia).

Literacy Rate: 99.7%

Dialects: Here are three dialects in Latvian: the Livonian, Latgalian and the Middle dialect. The Livonian dialect is divided into the patois of Vidzeme and the patois of Courland. Since the introduction of a standardised language, this dialect has declined.
The Middle dialect is the basis of standard Latvian and is divided into the patois of Vidzeme, Curonian patois and Semigallian patois.

Currency: Latvia uses the lat (Ls), which is divisible into 100 santim.

Language Tips: The Latvian language is an old Indo-European language. During the last 800 years, various nations have tried to hinder the development of Latvian. Many German and Russian words were introduced into it. Latvian has no articles (a, the) and is a highly inflected language (the endings of nouns, pronouns, adjectives, numerals change, depending on whether they are masculine or feminine or on how they are used in a sentence). The Latvian alphabet is phonetic, with each letter having a number of pronunciations and differences in intonation or indicating different meanings. There is no strict word order in Latvian. The modern Latvian alphabet is the standard Roman alphabet minus the letters Q, W, X and Y. Eleven other letters are added by modification.

On a typical business card: Your business card should be translated into Latvian and include any business or academic titles you hold.

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