A2ZTranslate provides translations to and from Indonesian. We translate a range of documents from Indonesian to English, such as driver's licenses, educational qualifications, immigration related documents etc. as well as translating from English to Indonesian for customers looking to expand their market presence in Indonesia. All our Indonesian translators are professional, trained translators with a wealth of experience in a wide range of subject fields.

Indonesian is very similar to Malay (Malaysian) language, but there are many differences. Indonesian was declared the national language of Indonesia upon declaring independence in 1945. While it is only spoken as a mother tongue by a relatively small proportion of the total population (mainly those around the capital Jakarta), the vast majority of Indonesians can speak Indonesian. Most Indonesians speak one of the over 300 other languages used in Indonesia as a first language, meaning that most Indonesians are at least bi-lingual, if not tri or quad lingual!.

Indonesian has drawn on both Dutch and Portuguese for many words, as the Dutch were the colonial power for 300 years, while Portuguese was the language of trade and commerce throughout the "East Indies" for several centuries. Likewise, there is a significant influence from various Chinese dialects, Sanskrit and Arabic.

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