English to Indonesian Translation

Population: 165 million people in the world speak Indonesian. Approximately 15 million have access to the internet.

Search engines: http://www.endonesia.com/http://www.infoindonesia.com/

Character Encodings:

Language Code: id

Charset: ISO-8859-1

Geographical Location: Indonesia, East Timor.

Literacy Rate: Indonesia 87.9%, East Timor 58.6%.


Currency: Indonesian rupiah (IDR), East Timor US dollar.

Language Tips: Indonesian is a subject-verb-object language. Very few Indonesian nouns show gender. For instance: The same word (adik) is used for brother/ sister, and there is no difference between boyfriend or girlfriend. Plurals are shown by duplicating the noun. Eg “orang” is the word meaning person, “orang-orang” means people. Verbs are not conjugated to agree with the subject and there are no verb tenses. Past, present and future are indicated using adverbs such as today, and tomorrow. Indonesian is a relative of Malay has borrowed from many languages including Sanskrit, Arabic, Portuguese, Dutch and Chinese. Indonesian uses the Latin alphabet. Indonesian-speakers use the Arabic numbering system and use decimals and commas opposite to the American version. For instance ten thousand, nine hundred twenty three point four would be written 10.923,4.

On a typical business card: We would recommend leaving the person’s name and company name in English script. Addresses can often be left in English as well; however, city and country names should be translated if the Indonesian equivalent differs from English.

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