English to Hindi Translation

Population: Of the 1,095,351,995 population of India in 2005, 50.6 million had access to the Internet.

Search engines: http://www.google.co.in/intl/hihttp://www.raftaar.comhttp://www.webdunia.com. Most Indian search engines search in English.

Character Encodings:

Language Code: hi

Charset: iso-10646

Geographical Location: Hindi is the main official language of India. It has about 480 million native and 800 million total speakers.

Literacy Rate: 59.5%

Dialects: Hindi (formerly Hindustani) is a dialect continuum without clear boundaries. Nepali and Panjabi are sometimes considered to be Hindi. Hindi is often divided into Western and Eastern Hindi, and these are further divided. The classification of dialects varies depending on who is classifying them. Some dialects are regarded as separate languages by some linguists.

Currency: India uses the rupee, divisible into 100 paise.

Language Tips: Hindi is used only in public addresses and radio or TV news, while the everyday spoken language in most areas is one of several varieties of Hindustani. Spoken Hindi also includes words from English. The difference between Urdu and Hindi is that Hindi’s borrowed vocabulary comes from Sanskrit, whereas Urdu’s is from Persian or Arabic. Hindi is written in the devanagari script, which closely reflects the sound of spoken Hindi. The grammar of Hindi is very complex and has more similarities to German than English. For example, Hindi is a subject-object-verb language, meaning that verbs usually fall at the end of the sentence rather than before the object (as in English). Hindi also uses postpositions (so called because they are placed after nouns) where English uses prepositions. Other differences include gender, honorifics, interrogatives, use of cases, and different tenses.

On a typical business card: It isn’t necessary to translate business cards as English is widely spoken in the business community. However, it could be useful to have your card translated on the reverse. Any degrees or titles you possess should be added to the card.

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