Processing Client Communications

Having a website in a foreign language implies that you intend to provide some form of service to site users. This may be in the form of handling ordering enquiries, responding to product use enquiries etc. What are your options for dealing with clients when you don't have the languages in-house?

Process foreign language enquiries

The first step is to ensure that all of your enquiry forms and processes, and your FAQ pages are as comprehensive as possible and are fully translated. A well designed and comprehensive system will minimise the number of emails you will have to process. However, there will be times where unique questions may arise, or the product/service may need customised information in the target language.

Process foreign language emails

A2ZTranslate can process the foreign language emails on your behalf. The processing system can be a straight translation of emails that are then forwarded to you for a reply, which is then translated back to the client's language, through to having A2ZTranslate actually handle the entire process (much like a call center). 

Email processing contracts can range from a piece work contract (per word/per email) through to having full time dedicated staff working on your behalf in the time zone of your customers.

Overtime building a database of the most frequent enquiry types can then supplement your online FAQ/knowledge base in the target language. This will greatly simply this process and make it more efficient and cost effective.