Professional Bulgarian translation services
For all of our Bulgarian translation work, we offer the following:

- All Bulgarian translators have a minimum Master’s level qualification in Translation and/or specialty.
- We never do Bulgarian translations only; all of our Bulgarian translations include a full, independent proofread.
- All of our Bulgarian translators and proofreaders are resident in their mother country; language changes rapidly and translators who live away from their mother tongue can lose currency in that language. 
- Our Bulgarian translation teams are organized by specialty. The translation to Bulgarian of an engineering manual is very different from the translation of a hotel brochure. We assign projects to translators based on the content of the translation.

Compression/Expansion Expect only limited expansion when translating to Bulgarian, but this will vary depending on the content type. Product labeling and graphically intense marketing materials, where space can be at a premium, may require some redesign work.

Translating a business card to Bulgarian: Although translating business cards into Bulgarian may not be strictly necessary, it will help to impress any recipients. If your company/firm has been established for a long time, you should include the founding date on your business card. It’s a good idea to also add any academic qualifications you may have.

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Bulgarian Translation information and background

Population of Bulgarian speakers: Of the approximately 7 million people living in Bulgaria in 2005, 630,000 had access to the Internet.

Bulgarian Search engines:,,http://dir.dir.bghttp://www.all.bg

Character Encodings:

Language Code: bul

Charset: iso-8859-5

Geographical Location: About 12 million people speak Bulgarian, not only in Bulgaria, where it’s the national language, but also in the Ukraine, Moldova, the Western Outlands region in Serbia, Romania, Republic of Macedonia, Greece, and Turkey.

Bulgarian Literacy Rate: 98.1%

Dialects: The official Bulgarian language is basically Eastern Bulgarian. There are a number of differing dialects, with the most marked differences in Western Bulgaria. Some experts classify the Macedonian language as a form of Bulgarian.

Currency: Bulgarian currency is called the lev (BGL), plural leva. One lev is made up of 100 stotinki. It is tied to the Euro.

Bulgarian Language Tips: Bulgarian is a complex language and parts of speech can have many different forms. There are two main forms of speech – mutable and immutable. Mutable parts of speech vary grammatically, whereas immutable ones don’t change. Although there are only two number endings in Bulgarian (singular and plural), there are a wide variety of different word endings to indicate the plural. The definite article (the) is attached to the end of Bulgarian words, rather than occurring before them. Verbs in Bulgarian have aspect as well as tense, meaning that they indicate the level of completion of the action. There is also an additional mood in Bulgarian that doesn’t occur in other languages. This gives a different form to words that describe unwittnessed events. The Bulgarian alphabet has 30 letters and is similar to the Cyrillic alphabet.